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"The Comfort of horses and riders is our business."


Our Mission

At Horselands Equestrian Ltd, we are passionate about the joy horses and humans get from working in harmony together. We are committed to using our unique combination of skills, experience and resources to help you, our customer, achieve that joy.


We are the New Zealand importers of the Wow saddle system.



Newly arrived

Our own Four Seasons Rug sets!!

The outer is 1200Denier with cotton lining. There is a separate neck rug

which is also 1200Denier and has 100 gm fill.

The rug has a separate liner which can attach to the outer,

or be worn as a stable rug.

There are two liners to choose from - one of 100 gm fill, and the other is 200gm fill.

Or you can buy both liners which gives you great options!


The rug comes in 4'0', 4'3", 4'6", 4'9", 5'0", and 5'3" sizes.